Simulations and experiments for Nomex honeycomb cores

Strain measurements on Nomex honeycomb material
Simulation experiment on the Nomex honeycomb

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Cellular material geometry reconstruction

(from still and optical microscopy images)

Nomex honeycomb core


Norway spruce tracheids

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Solution domain reconstruction from images and direct simulations

Uniaxial deformation along X-axis

Uniaxial deformation along X-axis

Uniaxial deformation along Y-axis

Shear deformation in the XY-plane

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Model reconstruction and additive manufacturing

(Selective laser sintering and fused deposition modeling directly from microscopy images)

Model reconstruction from microscopy

Selective laser sintering

Fused deposition modeling

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Computational homogenization (Two and three dimensional cases)

Shear deformation of hexagonal representative volume element (RVE) in XY-plane.

Shear deformation of a cube with hole RVE in XY-plane.

Reconstruction and homogenization of an RVE from microtomography data

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